What Are Soft Tip Darts For Dartboard- Best Review 2022

Why you should learn the art of Soft Tip Darts

The term “soft tip darts” is often used to describe the type of darts that your average dart player can throw. Soft tip darts are very low-cost and great for beginners and kids, and they also provide an easier transition into throwing harder and faster darts. Learning to throw soft tip darts is easy and will take less than five minutes to master.

Check and learn about steel tip darts and how its different from soft tip darts.

How To Choose The Right Darts

When you start playing darts, there are a few things you want to consider before you pick up the dartboard. You want to make sure you can get your shots in without too much effort and that you can get them in a tight group. It doesn’t matter if your group is two or five, but how many darts are in each group does matter. So, when choosing the right set, it’s important to know which ones will allow you to get the most out of your time.


The weight of your darts is usually determined by how heavy they are, so if you want something that will last you a while, consider going with lighter options. If you’re looking to buy a new pair, though, you’ll want to consider the size of your hand when selecting a dart set that’s right for you.

A good rule of thumb is to select darts that are roughly the same length and width as your hand, which will ensure a nice, comfortable grip. If your hands are on the smaller side, you might want to opt for longer or wider darts, while those with larger hands may want shorter or narrower darts.


You have three options when choosing a material: wood, metal, or plastic. Each of these has its advantages, so it’s important to know what type you prefer before making your purchase.

Wood darts are typically lighter than their metal counterparts, but they also come with a higher price tag, so be sure to weigh the pros and cons before deciding which one you want.

Metal darts are typically cheaper than wood darts, but they can get slippery if they’re not well-maintained.

Plastic darts are often more durable than their metal counterparts and are typically inexpensive, but they don’t provide as much grip as wood or metal darts.

Grip Texture

Some people like the idea of darts that have a smooth, grippy surface, while others may prefer a textured surface. It all comes down to personal preference, so you’ll need to consider what feels best for you when you’re making your purchase.

If you’re looking for a set of darts that will last you for a long time, go with a smooth surface, as they’ll resist wearing better and won’t collect dirt and debris.

On the other hand, if you want a set of darts that will make it easier for you to control your darts, choose something with a textured surface. It’s also important to note that the texture will change over time, so you should consider how the grip looks before you make your purchase.

Length & Shape

If you plan on using your darts frequently, you may want to consider getting a set that’s a little longer or wider than your current set.

You might also want to consider getting a set of darts with an open tip design. This will make it easier for you to pick up your darts and keep your fingers from becoming irritated from constant contact with the dart tips.

How do they work?

A soft tip is the perfect combination of a soft touch and the ability to hold your pen at just the right angle to write effectively. A soft tip allows you to register and draw on almost any surface with great accuracy. Soft tips are available in multiple types:

  • A standard rounded, square, or wedge shape
  • A pointed tip
  • A thin, fat, or chisel-shaped tip
  • A flat tip

These tips can be attached to different pen styles and sizes, depending on the look and feel of your writing.

What are the best types of soft tip darts?

The soft dart is a popular soft tip dart. It comes in two styles. One of them is the traditional, one-piece design. These darts are very good for beginners who want to learn how to throw a dart and for people who want to throw a dart with a good amount of precision. The other dart style is a two-piece dart. These darts are good for those who want to throw the dart with more power and distance than the traditional, one-piece dart.


I recommend the soft tip darts because of their versatility. They’re easy to use and come in a wide range of sizes. This means you can pick one up if you want to start playing darts, or if you have a dartboard at home, you can always add another dart to your game.

If you are new to the world of darts, I also recommend you check out the other types of darts available. There are many different types, but I think you’ll be able to find something that suits your style and budget.

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