9 Ways Protect Your Wall When Playing Darts

While it certainly can be fun to play darts at home, it can be problematic if you do it too often. Not all of us are pros, even if we don’t like to admit it. today we will tech you how to Protect Your Wall When Playing Darts.

It’s easy to say that the wind is responsible for your unsuccessful darts game, and it may even be true sometimes. But you can also choose to take responsibility for yourself. You’re the one who decided to try darts. So you have to make an effort to improve yourself and your skills.

So, how do you protect your walls from dart damage? A correctly positioned dartboard surround, cabinet, or wall cover with good width and padding can offer some level of protection, but in the end, it is not possible to completely shield your walls.

An exciting thing about darts is that they’re beneficial to the homeowner. Sure, they can be fun, but they also help out many people in many different ways. They may be fun to throw around with, but they can do more than look pretty on the wall when it comes to a dartboard.

How to Protect Your Wall When Playing Darts

Protect Your Wall When Playing Darts in 2022

As you know, Darts is a great game to play with your buddies, especially when it comes to competing against each other. In this case, there are two ways you can play darts on your own – with or without a dartboard cabinet.

Dartboard Cabinets

A dartboard cabinet is one of the best accessories you can have when playing darts. This is because it allows you to store and Protect Your Wall When Playing Darts when they’re not being used. Some models even offer you the option of hanging them from the cabinet, making them easily accessible when you need them.

Some cabinets are built with a wood or metal frame, while others are made of plastic.

Dartboard Surrounds

On the other hand, a dartboard surround is a more subtle accessory that allows you to display your darts in a fun and unique way. For example, you can hang your darts on the wall, attach them to a dartboard, or put them up on a shelf.

As you can see, these two accessories work together to help you play darts in style.

DIY Ways to Protect Your Wall from Darts

Darts aren’t just annoying, and they can also be a real threat to your walls, especially if you’re living in a multi-unit apartment building.

While some landlords may take care of the problem, others don’t. It’s imperative to know how to keep them at bay, though. Here are some tips for protecting your walls and preventing the issue from returning.

Wooden Boards

If you’re lucky enough to have wooden boards (or old doors or plywood) hanging around the house, it may be worth hanging them up on your wall to Protect Your Wall When Playing Darts at your home.

You’ll need to be sure to measure and mark where the boards will go before you hang them up, however. If you don’t, they could fall off the wall and cause damage to your home, not to mention create a real mess in your home.

Old Doors

It might be worth hanging them up if you have old doors sitting around. The idea is to cut a hole in the door, stick the board through it, and hang it up on the wall. There are several ways to do this, but the most popular method involves using a staple gun to attach the board to the door.


If you’re lucky enough to have plywood lying around, you can use it to create an easy DIY way to protect your walls from dents. You’ll need to cut out a piece of plywood the size of your wall and then put the plywood on the wall. The best part about this option is that it’s relatively inexpensive.

Ceiling Tiles

While they may look cool, ceiling tiles aren’t handy when it comes to protecting your walls. They don’t provide any support or protection whatsoever, so if they fall, they’re going to leave a dent in your walls.


If you have a ton of cardboard lying around, you can cut it into strips and use them to create DIY boards that protect your walls. The best part is that they are relatively inexpensive, and they’re easy to make, too.

Old Clothes and Towels

If you don’t have any old clothes around, you could go through your drawers and find old towels and sheets. Cut the towels and sheets into strips and hang them up on your wall.

How to Protect Your Wall When Playing Darts with the help of a wall protector

When it comes to dating, there’s no denying the fact that you have to protect your wall. That’s why you need to purchase a dartboard protector. A dartboard protector is a material that covers the entire board, from the edges to the middle. This ensures that you won’t accidentally scratch your walls with your darts.

In addition, some dartboards come with a protective layer on top of them. These are usually made from a rubber material and provide a cushioning layer.

These are important because you can easily scratch your walls if you use a non-protective dartboard. It doesn’t matter how well you aim, and you’ll end up scratching your walls because they’re made from organic material.

How to Use a Dartboard Protector

Once you’ve purchased your protector, the first thing you should do is to cut it to fit the entire board. Some dartboards come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If your commission is small or long, you’ll want to make sure that you measure the board and then cut the protector accordingly.

You may also want to take a look at the underside of the protector before cutting it, as you may see some areas that have been glued together. To avoid this issue, you should carefully peel off each section individually.

Once you’ve done this, the next thing you should do is to put your dartboard protector on top of the board. It would help if you used your hands to press down firmly on the protector until it sticks to the board.

It’s important to note that you should never use a hammer or other heavy objects to press down on the protector. This can damage your dartboard protector and may even leave dents on your wall.

You can also apply a layer of sticky tape to the protector to help secure it on your board. This will also ensure that it won’t come off accidentally.


For those of you who are more interested in playing darts than practicing their technique, here’s a guide to Protect Your Wall When Playing Darts. It’s a simple process that’s often overlooked but critical to successful dart play. The most common reason for missing your target is that you’re not protecting your wall correctly. Learn how to play darts with a stronger, safer wall and enjoy your game more.

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