Best WIN MAX Darts Plastic Tip review

Welcome to the darts world of WIN.MAX. WIN is a dart company known for its products that make a difference in the dart’s playing experience. With their darts, they have won many world championships and will give you a good game.

The Best WIN MAX Darts Plastic Tip Set features a high-quality plastic tip and soft tip darts set. The plastic tip darts are made from the highest quality ABS material, which is more durable than rubber. The soft tip darts are perfect for the original soft tip darts.

The soft tip darts are designed to be easily pulled out of the target, and with a strong enough pull, you will be able to get more strikes on your dart game. You’ll also have more fun and enjoyable dart game with this darts set.

Best WIN MAX Darts Plastic Tip Darts Set

Best WIN MAX Darts Plastic Tip Darts Set 2022

Best WIN MAX Darts

  • Precise and Practical Barrels
  • Tough Flights
  • 12 Pcs 18 Gram with 100 Extra Dart Tips
  • 12 Flights, Flight Protectors
  • Tool Kit for Electronic Dart Board

About This Item:

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎14.57 x 8.82 x 0.59 inches
Package Weight‎0.32 Kilograms
Brand Name‎WIN.MAX

We’ve always been fans of Win. Max because of their high-quality darts equipment. They have a wide range of darts products that include various darts accessories such as soft tips, flight protectors, and much more.

The Best WIN MAX Darts Plastic Tip Set is one of their best products, and we can easily see why. It comes with a tool kit that makes it easy to fix your soft tips and shafts. You need to unscrew the top of the barrel to remove the soft tip or shaft.

It comes with a handy dart kit containing a standard 2BA thread and a flight protector. The kit can be used to remove the soft tips and shafts from the barrels if they’re too loose so that you can replace them quickly. It also includes a tool that allows you to fix the shafts or soft tips damaged or broken. It has a pair of tweezers and two sets of tools made of high-quality stainless steel.

This set includes 3 darts, 2 soft tips, and a tool kit. These darts are perfect for beginners or intermediate dart players who want to practice and get better at throwing darts. They’re not too heavy, which means they’ll be easier to handle and throw.

These Best WIN MAX Darts Plastic Tip are made from a rigid material, and they’re durable. They also come with a flight protector, which keeps the flight of the darts in place while in flight and thus helps you get better scores. The weight of each dart is 0.3mm, which is almost the thickest available in the market.

You can also use this set as a gift for your father or anyone starting in darts. You can add a bow to the package and wrap it up nicely to make it look like a great gift.


  • Precise and Practical Barrels 
  • Tough Flights 
  •  Unbreakable Alu Shafts 
  • Flight Protectors Accessories 
  • Strong Soft Tips for Electronic Dartboard 
  • Win. Max is one of the best darts equipment suppliers.  

Pros and Cons


  • The tool kit is handy.
  • Comes with darts and a flight protector.
  • Darts are durable.
  • They’re lightweight.
  • It comes with a nice case.
  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.


  • It’s not easy to clean.
  • The darts are too light.
  • The shafts are too thin.

Are there different size plastic dart tips?

Yes, there are many sizes of plastic darts available in the market. Generally, the smaller the tip size, the less range you’ll have with your darts. The maximum diameter of a dart tip is limited by the diameter of the air stream used to propel it. You can check the size of the darts you currently own using the manufacturer’s manual or online instructions.

Can you use plastic tip darts on the bristle board?

Yes, you can use plastic tip darts on a bristle board. These are also known as needle-tip darts, used to play airsoft games. They are made of soft plastic and have pointed tips to penetrate and pierce through the bristle board.

Are plastic tip darts any good?

The short answer is, “It depends.” The long answer is that they are lovely for darts, but they won’t work for other applications like darts or archery. The main problem is that they don’t expand enough to get a grip on the target – they slip out of your hands. But if you’re using them for darts, then it’s okay to use these darts.


This Best WIN MAX Darts Plastic Tip is perfect for anyone who loves to play darts, and it is also great for beginners. This is a complete kit, so it contains everything you need to start playing darts. As for the darts are made of high-quality plastic, can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth, and are very durable.

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