Best RED DRAGON Steel tip Darts in 2022

For many years, the most popular darts set in North America has been the World Dart Company’s Pro Model and its line of Best RED DRAGON Steel tip Darts. Their set is made with a special alloy of tungsten steel that makes it incredibly lightweight but, more importantly, extremely long-lasting.

The Best RED DRAGON Steel tip Darts set is designed for a precision dart game, and its high-quality features make it suitable for both beginners and professionals. Each dart contains a tungsten steel tip to provide a consistent flight pattern. If you want to buy Best dartboard so we also have a complete guide on it.

What are the best Red Dragon Darts?

An excellent read dragon dart is usually made of heavy-duty material and is designed to be durable. These darts are usually available in two styles – wooden and plastic. The wooden style has a more natural look, while the plastic style is more modern and sleek. Either type will do, but it’s always good to get something made of wood over a plastic dart. The following are some of the best red dragon darts on our list.

The Best RED DRAGON Steel tip Darts Series is a modern, high-performance dart set with a sleek design. The darts are designed with precision and durability in mind and are perfect for throwing to the best of your ability.

Best RED DRAGON Steel tip Darts

RED DRAGON Javelin Black darts

Red Dragon Dart

  • 90% premium quality Red Dragon darts
  • Red Dragon Nitrotech stems
  • Red Dragon Hardcore flights
  • Javelin Blacks are also available in 22g or 24g weights

About This Item:

Javelin is one of the best dart brands on the market right now. It’s a well-established company that’s been around since 1985, and they’ve built up an excellent reputation over the years.

They’re best known for their quality darts, and their Javelin Blacks are no exception. They’re made from premium tungsten, the most complex metal on the planet. The combination of tungsten and carbon makes them extremely strong and durable, with an outstanding balance of weight and feel.

The Best RED DRAGON Steel tip Darts are designed to be used in all types of games so that you can use them for cricket, snooker, and pool too. You won’t find any other dart set as versatile and long-lasting.

Best RED DRAGON Steel tip Darts Weights:

This dart set includes three different weights – 22g, 24g, and 27g. They’re also available in various diameters, from 54mm to 64mm. Also check out what are steel tip dart vs soft tip darts.

The Javelin Blacks also come with a range of premium features. For example, the flights are made from a high-grade composite material, which increases their strength and durability, and it’s a rigid material made to withstand the most demanding conditions.

They’re also covered in a special coating that makes them easier to grip and reduces friction. The flight is also precision-cut to ensure you get an accurate throw every time, and it’s designed for maximum performance.

You can use these darts for all types of games, and they’re great for darts players of all abilities.


  • Set of 3 x 22g – 90% premium quality
  • Red Dragon Nitro tech stems
  • Red Dragon Hardcore flights
  • At 54mm, this is our longest made dart,
  • the seamless black finish ring design
  • Javelin Blacks are also available in 22g or 24g weights

Pros and Cons


  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Premium features such as composite flights
  • High-quality plastic darts.
  • It comes with a range of different diameters, weights, and tips.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • It comes with a protective case.


  • It was expensive.
  • It doesn’t come with a flight holder.

What is the best dart for beginners?

The best darts for beginners are the ones that use a plastic tip. This type of dart has a lower flight path, and it’s easier to control than other types. But be careful not to throw too hard, as they can damage the plastic tips.

What is the average price of a dart?

The average price is around $ 2.80, ranging from $ 3.20 to $ 4.00, depending on the material used. If you’re looking to get a quality dart, you can expect to pay around $5.

Are Red Dragon good darts?

Red Dragon is a good darts brand. They’re available in different variants, and you can find them in most sporting goods stores. But to ensure maximum accuracy, you’ll need to check out the dart’s weight and velocity. Some of these darts are explicitly made to be used with a specific gun. So, if you’re buying a specific brand of darts, you should check out the manufacturer’s specifications first.

Who uses Red Dragon Darts?

Red Dragon Darts has been a hit among competitive dart players for quite a while now. It’s a very well-made dartboard with a durable surface that resists scratches and dents. The board’s surface also ensures that your darts will not fall off after hitting it, and the whole board is made from scratch-resistant materials that ensure a smooth flight and high accuracy.

Who is the best darts player of all time?

In our opinion, the best darts player of all time is probably Michael van Gerwen. He’s won two world titles, three European crowns, and four World Cup titles and has also made it to the World Championships finals 13 times in his career.


I was pleasantly surprised by this dart. It’s very comfortable to throw and is very consistent. It also has a smooth flight. The dart performs just like a traditional steel tip dart, and it flies just as valid. It is highly accurate and fast. One of my biggest gripes with steel tip darts is that they tend to jam in the barrel, causing the darts not to fly straight. The Javelin is an excellent dart because it is very consistent, has a great flight, and is easy to load.

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