Buy 10 Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids (2022)

The world’s first magnetically guided dartboard is here! Magnetic dartboards are fun and interactive games that kids love to play, and it’s the first dartboard to feature a built-in scoreboard. Today we will show you Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids. These magnetic dartboards is the perfect gift for your kid, and they will love it! Check this if you want to buy best and professional dartboard.


Magnetic Darts make learning fun, easy and addictive. With this unique game, kids and adults alike can learn to recognize and identify colors, numbers, shapes, and patterns as they shoot the darts around a magnetic board.

The game is easy to set up and easy to play. You don’t need any special skills to play, and simply choose your favorite number and color combination to start playing. The game will automatically track your best score as you play and let you know when it’s time to challenge a friend or family member.

Have fun teaching kids and toddlers to read with this colorful magnetic dartboard.

GaHoo Best Magnetic DartBoard for kids

STREET WALK Kids Board Magnetic Dart

Gahoo Dartboard for kids

  • Upgraded Magnetic Dart Board
  • Safe for Children
  • 1 Toy, 2 Games
  • Best Gifts for Kids

About This Item:

Package Dimensions13.5 x 13.5 x 1.73 inches
Item Weight2.03 pounds
Item model number2145
Manufacturer recommended age3 years and up

GaHoo Dart Board is a safe and easy-to-play game that kids of all ages will enjoy. There are no batteries or sharp metal parts to worry about, and just pick up the darts from the board and throw them against the target. Each Dart is composed of high-quality magnets, so it can be easily picked up after being thrown.

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This game comes with 12pcs magnetic darts. Each Dart is made of high-quality magnets, so they are straightforward to pick up. A Double-sided board helps kids to improve their hand-eye coordination and aim. It is an excellent option for children who want to play darts with their friends in a safe environment.

Pros And Cons


  • Magnetic Darts that stick to it
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Play it by yourself or with your friends.
  • Made from plastic and metal


  • Not durable.

STREET WALK Kids Board Magnetic Dart Game

STREET WALK Kids Board Magnetic Dart

Street walk Dartboard for kids

  • ‘Magnetic Double Sides Kids Dart Board
  • 12 pcs Magnetic Darts
  • 4 type colours for many people to play
  • Strong and Balanced Neodymium Magnets
  • Develop the kids hand eye coordination

About This Item:

Package Dimensions17.83 x 13.43 x 1.89 inches
Item Weight2.33 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age3 years and up
Best Sellers Rank#9,551 in Sports & Outdoors (See Top 100 in Sports & Outdoors)
#10 in Dartboards
Customer Reviews4.5 out of 5 stars    3,485 ratings
4.5 out of 5 stars

This Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids is only designed for your kids to play alone or as a group, and it can be played both indoors and outdoors. The board is 12 inches x 24 inches and made of durable material. There are 12 pcs magnetic darts in one set. 

A magnetic Dart is when they use their fingers to throw the Dart. Then it will land on the board. After the landing, the Dart is attached to the board with strong magnets. Your child can move the darts around the board by moving them with a finger or using a magnetic pencil. This game is safe and suitable for all ages.

Indoor games, your kids can throw darts at various targets on the dartboard. They are also good to play with friends and family. For Outdoor games, your kids can throw darts at multiple targets and obstacles on the board.

There are two types of targets:

Land on the target and score points.

Hit and block the target and stop the movement of the darts. For Boys Toys Gifts for 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12-Year-Old Kids and Adult, this magnetic dart game can be used for fun alone or as a group. Your kids will love this magnetic dart game.

 Pros And Cons


  • An excellent game for kids of all ages.
  • Can be played indoors or outdoors.
  • safe, non-toxic, and it is made from recyclable materials.
  • darts are easy to assemble and remove


  • Not compatible with iPhones and iPad

ENAPA Magnetic Dart Board for Kids

kids Magnetic Dart Board

ENAPA Magnetic Dart Board

  • Strong Magnets And Sturdy Board
  • Double sided magnetic dart board
  • Safe To Use For Kids
  • Makes No Holes In Wall
  • Can be used by kids of all ages
  • Perfect game to play at various places

About This Post:

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎17.99 x 3.82 x 2.91 inches
Package Weight‎0.74 Kilograms
Brand Name‎ENAPA

The ENAPA Magnetic Darts game is designed to give kids an inexpensive way to improve their hand-eye coordination and develop their mental and physical skills. The double-sided board is easy to set up, it includes a complete set of 12 darts, and the game set is a perfect combination of skill, fun, and entertainment for kids.

The surface is made of soft magnetic material suitable for kids. It is also safe because it won’t hurt your hands when you throw the darts. It is a dart game set with 12 safety darts, two sets of safety darts, and a box.

Pros And Cons


  • Safe game for kids
  • Made of 100% plastic
  • Magnetic Darts that are safe and easy to use
  • It is double-sided
  • It is very colorful
  • very colorful


  • not for adults

Best Magnetic DartBoard for Kids with 12 Magnetic Darts and 8 Sticky Balls

kids Magnetic Dart Board

ENAPA Magnetic Dart Board

  • Double-Sided Dart Board Game
  • High Performance Dartboard
  • Safe To Use For Kids
  • Including 8 sticky balls, 8 magnetic darts
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Perfect game to play at various places

About This Item:

This Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids has 12 Magnetic Darts and 8 Sticky Balls Reversible Rollup, a simple and fun toy for kids to play on the go. This magnetic dartboard is excellent for indoor and outdoor play, with no batteries required.

The classic shape and soft feel of the roll-up dart board make it easy for kids to pick up and play, plus the magnet darts are easy for little hands to hold. Great for boys and girls, this set comes with 8 magnetic darts and 8 Sticky balls.

Remove the plastic case and roll up your game. You can also hang it by the hole and use the classic design and soft feel to play outside. Great for kids, adults.

Pros and Cons


  • It is designed for both children and adults
  • Designed for children
  • 12 magnetic darts, which is more than other dartboards
  • Sticky balls are easy to pick up
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor games


  • Not for adults

Theefun Magnetic Dart Board, Double-Sided Safe Dart Board

kids Magnetic Dart Board

ENAPA Magnetic Dart Board

  • Double-Sided Dart Board Game
  • High Performance Dartboard
  • Safe To Use For Kids
  • Including 8 sticky balls, 8 magnetic darts
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Perfect game to play at various places

About This Item:

The Doinkit Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids is the world’s most versatile magnetic dartboard, giving you hours of fun and exercise for adults and kids.

SAFE TO USE: Indoor dartboards are a safe way to enjoy the sport. The Doinkit is made from non-toxic and soft foam and is safe for children and adults.

EASY TO HANG: The Doinkit comes with hanging wire hooks and is easy to hang on any wall. Just attach the included hanging wire to the back of the board, and the Doinkit will be ready to play.

FUN TO PLAY: The Doinkit comes with six different unique magnetic Darts that have been carefully designed to help you challenge your hand-eye coordination to improve your dexterity and fine motor skills.

Inclusive set: The Doinkit Magnetic Dart Board includes a board, six unique magnetic darts, a hanging wire, and an instructional guide. It’s the perfect setting for a fun, physical, and enjoyable game of darts! 

Pros And Cons


  • kid-friendly dartboard.
  • Designed for kids.
  • Used indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy to hang on a wall
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Not for adult

CASAON Magnetic Dart Board Game Set, 12pcs Dart

CASAON Magnetic Dart Board

Casaon Magnetic Dart Board

  • Double-Sided Dart Board Game
  • High Performance Dartboard
  • Safe To Use For Kids
  • Including 8 sticky balls, 8 magnetic darts
  • Made of high quality materials
  • Perfect game to play at various places

About This Item:

This classic game will help kids (and adults) learn how to throw, aim, and score. You can use this double-sided Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids with colorful magnetic darts to play and practice. It’s fun to throw and easy to score, and kids will love this.

The Double-sided Target Dartboard is safe for children to play with and durable plastic, and it’s also a great addition to the backyard or your living room. You can use this dartboard indoors or outdoors and add some magnetic darts (red, green, and yellow) to your board.

Pros and Cons


  • Dartboard is sturdy.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Durable, and it lasts a long time.
  • Easy to clean


  • They are a bit heavy.

Funsparks Magnetic Dart Board Game – 12 Darts – 6 Green and 6 Red Darts

Funsparks Magnetic Dart Board Game

Funsparks Magnetic Dart Board

  • Quality, durable magnetic darts
  • Addicting indoor game
  • Safe To Use For Kids
  • 14.5” Magnetic Dartboard,
  • Great for game man caves, offices, homes
  • 6 red and 6 green darts

About This Item:

Funsparks Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids is a unique and double-sided magnetized dart board game. It can be used for all age groups. With the help of its anti-shock design, you can play darts safely. Dartboard targets are made of magnetic material, and they are safe, comfortable, and durable.

They are designed to fit any wall so that your kids or guests can play darts on the dartboard right away. Our darts hanging set is a fun, easy to assemble kit that lets your kids and their friends play darts without the need for electricity or batteries. Just hang it up anywhere in the room, and let the kids have some fun.

Pros and Cons


  • Darts are made of plastic.
  • Game is easy to set up and play.
  • Darts are magnetic.
  • Darts are lightweight.


  • It isn’t easy to clean.

RaboSky Magnetic Dart Board for Kids– Toy Gift- Double-Sided, 12 Darts

RaboSky Magnetic Dart Board

RaboSky Magnetic Dart Board

  • Trusted by kids worldwide
  • Double-Sided magnetic dart board
  • Cool birthday toy or Christmas gift
  • Come with 12pcs safe magnet darts,
  • Stronger magnetism
  • 100% satisfactory

About this item:

Product Dimensions16.9 x 17.7 x 1.5 inches
Item Weight1.6 pounds
Manufacturer recommended age3 years and up

Rabosky Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids (with Space Adventure theme) is an ideal gift for your kids. It’s an excellent double-sided design, and the two sides are designed with different fun themes. Your kid will enjoy the fun of traditional darts without worrying about being hurt.

On the other side, it can be rolled up and hung anywhere you like. More vital magnetism allows the Dart to fall steadily on the dartboard.

The Dart is easy to use. Remove the magnet from the back of the Dart and stick it to the front. Fun for boys or girls, ages 6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12+

 Pros And Pros


  • Safe for kids of all ages.
  • Made of non-toxic materials.
  • Board can be used with darts of different sizes.
  • Has a magnetic base.
  • It is easy to assemble.


  • Set is expensive

BATURU Dart Board Toys Gifts – Magnetic Dart Board with 12pcs Magnetic Darts

BATURU Dart Board Toys Gifts

Baturu Magnetic Dart Board

  • Rollup Design is Portable
  • Double-Sided magnetic dart board
  • Rubber-coated fabric dart board
  • Wonderful magnetic dart board
  • Stronger magnetism
  • 100% satisfactory

About This Item:

BATURU Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids is specially designed for kids to play with their friends and families. It is also great for indoor and outdoor activities, such as playing basketball, tennis, table tennis, billiard, bowling, and pool. The board measures2.5 cm, and the dartboard itself measures3.5 cm.

It has a magnetic surface, which allows it to attach to a wall and ceiling. The flexible board can roll up easily. The whole board is lined with a rubber-coated fabric, making the board soft to touch. The board does not contain sharp metal pieces or sharp edges. Kids and adults are safe to use this dartboard.

Pros And Cons


  • Suitable for all ages
  • Made of a high-quality material
  • Dartboard is very easy to clean
  • Has a protective case


  • Not for adults

TriMagic Best Magnetic DartBoard for kids, Double-Sided, 12pcs Safety Darts

TriMagic Kids Magnetic Dart Board

Baturu Magnetic Dart Board

  • Perfect for kids who like sports
  • Best birthday or Christmas gift for kids
  • Very easy to hang anywhere
  • 12 safety magnetic darts
  •  3*Yellow, 3*Red, 3*Green, 3*Blue
  • Offer 30 days 100% money back

About This Item:

Easily create your backyard fun center with the TriMagic Best Magnetic Dartboard for Kids. Hang anywhere and start a fun game at any time. Come with 12 safety magnetic darts – 3*Yellow, 3*Red, 3*Green, 3*Blue.  The board is robust and durable plastic and can be hung anywhere.

It can help children develop their hand-eye coordination. No need to worry about the kids hitting their heads. The safety darts are specially designed to avoid hurting yourself. Hang anywhere and start a fun game at any time. Come with 12 safety magnetic darts – 3*Yellow, 3*Red, 3*Green, 3*Blue.

Start a fun game and watch your kids enjoy it. Perfect for boys and girls ages 6-8-10-12 years old.

 Pros and Cons


  • Comes with 12 different darts.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • It is durable.
  • Has a magnetic base.
  • It is easy to clean.


  • product is not water-resistant.

Are magnetic dartboards any good?

Yes, Magnetic dartboards are pretty popular among people who don’t correctly throw darts. A magnet attaches to the board, which attracts the darts, and then a target is attached to the dartboard, making it easy to hit.

 What is the right age for a dartboard?

According to researchers from the University of Pennsylvania, the optimum age to play darts is between 19 and 25. This age bracket is the ideal time for people to hone their throwing skills and build up a tolerance to alcohol. Darts games are known to influence the social development of players positively. They’re a way for friends to get together in a comfortable environment and bond over a friendly game.

What height should a dartboard be for a child?

A dartboard should be between 12 inches and 18 inches tall. The smaller the dartboard, the easier it is for children to hit the bull’s eye. But when you’re trying to teach a child how to throw a dart, a 12-inch dartboard might not be the right height for your child.

It’s better to start at a lower level and work up from there. When teaching kids to throw darts, a board of 10 inches is usually used because kids can master the art of throwing Darts on a smaller board. But before you make that transition, be sure to give your child a set of darts and a bigger, more challenging dartboard.

Are Viper dartboards good?

A common type of dartboard is the so-called “Viper” board. This is a standard game-playing board often used to train new players. The board itself is a black circle divided into eight squares, and the squares are numbered from one to eight, with the numbers on the top row being the ones furthest away from the center.

A dart can be thrown anywhere on the board. There is no scoring, and the objective is to hit the bull’s eye and do it as fast as possible. The dartboard is made of wood and plastic, and there are also smaller versions of the board used in classrooms.

What is Magnetic DartBoard?

A magnetic dartboard is a game on a board with a dartboard design. Each of the four different board shapes is designed to allow players to direct their darts to score points strategically.

The game is played on the dartboard and consists of three phases. First, players use a magnetic wand to pick up the darts and aim at the bullseyebullseye. The second phase is for the player to score as many points as possible by throwing their darts within the different areas of the board. The final stage is for players to try and knock down as many opponents’ darts as possible.

The game can be played on any flat surface, including tables, floors, walls, and ground. The best way to play the game is to play it indoors as it is not recommended for outdoor play.

This game is the best suit for people interested in playing darts, but it is also great for people who want to improve their accuracy with the game. 

Tips for Using a Magnetic Dartboard

The magnetic dartboard is one of the most popular online games of all time, and for a good reason. Not only is it fun, but the technology behind it is excellent too. The dartboard game is fun to use a dartboard and practice throwing darts at targets.

The first tip to using a magnetic dartboard is to ensure that it’s always facing outwards when you’re playing. This will ensure that it’s always pointing the way you’d like to move.

The second tip is to keep your arms straight. If you have long hair, the trick is to keep your hair out of the way of the magnet. Also, you can try to use both hands to move the Dart.

They’re specially designed for kids who are learning how to read. The game is a fun way to get kids interested in learning and is one of the best ways to introduce them to new technology.

Choosing Your Magnet dartboard

Here are some guidelines for picking your magnet dartboard:

The magnet is used to hang the dartboard on the wall. The backside of the magnet is the one that adheres to the wall, while the front side is the one that attracts the Dart. It is usually made of a non-magnetic material.

When you buy a magnetic dartboard, you should know that there are two types of magnets in the dartboard. One type of magnet is strong and will last longer than the other type. In most cases, the strong magnet is placed on the backside of the dartboard, but there are some dartboards where it is placed on the front side.

If you want to buy a dartboard that will last longer, you can choose the dartboard with a strong magnet on the backside.

 As a guide for selecting the magnet dartboard for kids, you should always consider its material. You can choose a magnet dartboard having steel, and that is because steel is usually a mighty one, and the magnet attracts more. When selecting a magnet dartboard, you should also choose the waterproof one.

Features of magnetic dartboard:

The best magnet dartboard for kids would have the following features:

Fully automatic scoreboard: Scoreboard changes automatically as the game progresses, so your kid won’t need to worry about anything.

Adjustable pinpoint accuracy: If you want to hit the bull’s eye bullseye every time, this is the dartboard for you.

Built-in microphone: The built-in mic allows you to record your kid’s score using your smart device.

Make it a Part of Your Child’s Bedtime Routine.

You can help your child fall asleep at night by giving him a fun activity to do.

Try a magnetic dartboard. Place the darts in the board in a way that makes them impossible to pull out. The darts can easily be pulled from the board if there is a magnet on them. Close the magnetic side of the board to put the darts in place.

Children can use the magnet board to encourage independence. There is no reason to worry about your kids trying to eat the magnets because they are non-toxic and make a great present.

Buying Guide:

The amount of room you have to work with is one of the first things you should consider when shopping for a dartboard. If it’s going to be placed somewhere that won’t be moved a lot, you should go for a giant board. If it’s going to be in the living room or den, a small commission is a better option.

If your kid is old enough to play darts, you should look at it. You’re good to go if they’re older than 10. Before buying a dartboard, make sure your child is at least eight years old to play darts.

It would help if you thought about how much of an interactive experience you want. If your child enjoys playing video games, you may want to get them a dartboard with a screen, which will allow your kid to keep track of their scores and compete with other players.

On the other hand, if your kid isn’t very interactive, then you can simply buy a more traditional dartboard. These are usually the cheapest option on the market, but you’ll still have the chance to get a high-quality one at a relatively low price.


If you want to make your kids’ world more interesting, I recommend trying it out.

I love this idea because it’s fun for kids, they can be used for hours, and they can be used to teach them the fundamentals of a game of darts. The magnetic dart board can be made out of magnetic materials, which allows the darts to be played with by kids.

The dartboard has been designed using a combination of magnetic materials, shape, and color. The dartboard is designed so that it looks like a dartboard from the outside but can be used as a magnetic board on the inside.

The magnets will stick to the dartboard when the user throws the darts. The user will get to play with their friends on the dartboard. There is an attractive design for kids as well as adults.

If you are looking for ways to get rid of stress in your life, then you should check out the world of magnetic dartboards. You will get in Love with them. Believe me!!!

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