What Are The 10 Best Dart Games to Play Today?

1. Best Dart Games (Cricket)

Dartboard Cricket Best Darts Games

The first item on our best dart games list is Cricket’s obvious choice, and this is the most popular recreational dart game around. 

Cricket can be played 1 v 1 or with teams of two. If you have three or four individual players, that works too. Although it’s more fun with partners. 

Often referred to as American Cricket, the objective of Cricket is to be the first player or team to close all the numbers in play while being even or ahead in points.

The numbers in play are 15,16,17,18,19, 20, and the Bull.

Cricket is the most popular recreational and best dart games.

You must score three of each number to close the number. You can score three singles, a double and single, or land a triple. 

You don’t have to close numbers in order unless that’s a rule you stipulate before the game. If you close a number still open for your opponent, you can start scoring points on that number.

Maintaining a lead in points is key to winning the game of Cricket. 

For example, if on your first throw you land four 20s before your opponent has even thrown a dart, you close out the 20 and add 20 points to your column. 

However, if you’re just starting out dart game, you can play Cricket without points, and this is the recommended way to play this dart game as a beginner. 

2. The 01 Best dart Games (301 and 501)

dartboard 501 or 301 game

If you participate in a Dart League or tournament or just watch darts at a professional level, You’re probably familiar with two standards of international competition: 301 and 501 .

Two very well-known best dart games are played by professional dart throwers. The rules of 01 games are easy to follow.

Although the game may seem simple in theory, the actual game gameplay and “out” strategy require some experience.

How Many Players?

These Best darts games, 301 and 501 are typically played by two players (1 1.) or teams comprised of two.


Every one of the figures is playing when playing darts.

The most popular numbers to target are 19 and 20 since these are high percentage shots that can earn you the highest points and get you out earlier.

The inner Bull’s eyes (aka “double bulls”) are worth 50 points. The outer eye of the Bull (aka “single bulls”) is worth 25 points.

How to play the 301 and 501

Every team or player starts with a score of either 301 or 501.

Every game aims to achieve the score that is “0” by subtracting the score of each three-dart by your score.

Doubling In

The game of 301 starts with “doubling.” This means you can’t begin subtracting points from the 301 until you have the Double of any number on the dartboard.

If a player hits the double, they can begin subtracting points with doubles, singles, or triples with every number that appears on the table.

You must try to aim at the outer double rings to finish this phase quickly in a live contest that is 301.

Straight In

A game played in 501 typically begins “straight into.”

That means that hitting one or more than one of the numbers across the table will begin this game.

If you don’t make it to your scoring portion, then the next player is up.

After you have gotten to the top of the list, keep adding points to the total of 501.

Doubling Out

In either of the two, the player is required to “double to win” to win. Doubling out is the term used to mean that you have to hit an extra double to subtract exactly the score “0 “.

If, for instance, you’re left with 28 points, it is necessary to make a double 13 to be out. If you miss less than this number, the game will begin at the end of the remaining number.

If you were left with 28 but hit an individual 14, you’d have 14 left, and then you’d have to score the double 7 to be a winner.

This game becomes quite fascinating.

Yes, there’s plenty of math. However, when you are playing more the more it becomes easier to keep track.

Strategies and Tips for 301, 501, and Strategies

Try to find numbers on the other side of the table when you double on.

If you are aiming for the numbers on the opposite side of the table (i.e., “15”), you will be able to hit more points “15”). If you aim for the numbers on the board (i.e., “15”), you have a higher chance of hitting a double in the outer ring that is above or below the goal. That’s all you have to do to be ahead of your opponent. Start subtracting points.

Set your sights on higher percentages of a point

Most players will concentrate upon the 19 and 20 as they’re high-percent shots that will maximise points for one turn.

Side Note: The most possible score for a single turn is “Ton 80,” three triple 20s for 180 points.

“Out” Combinations

As we’ve mentioned, players can score the maximum number of points in each turn of three darts to subtract quickly from the totals of 301 or 501. However, “out” methods and the many combinations are more complex.

The most basic method is finding even numbers to double your output.

In the case of a double, for example, if you don’t hit the double, but you do hit a single, the result can be reduced by half. However, if you come across the odd side, you’ll have to be a bit more inventive.

The most experienced 01 players are familiar with and have practiced several of the most popular combinations.

Here’s an illustration. The highest score that can be achieved would be 170 (Ton 70). An out of 170 requires triple 20, triple 20, or double bulls (60 60, 50). This is what a pro is looking for.

Beyond the 301 and 501

While 301 and 501 are among the most played and best dart games, You can also play different variations. Examples of other fun 01-related games are 701 901, 1101, and 1501.

Similar to the numbers 301 and 501, you’ll be required to do a double- or even a single-in, and begin to work down from the beginning total to zero and then double out at the conclusion.

A fantastic method to test all of the different 01 games, among others, is to play the electronic version of a dartboard.

A top-quality electronic dartboard comes equipped with all 01 variations to make the scoring process and tracker straightforward.

3. Around the World

Best Darts Games around the world

Like is the name suggests, the objective for Around the World is to navigate the dartboard by putting numbers in a sequence.

It’s among the most played and best dart games due to its simple nature. Additionally, it’s lots of fun to play in groups of players. All over the World, darts is an excellent game for all players.

The game of playing around worldwide is an excellent method of practicing in preparation for a 01 game since you’re forced to target different parts of the board rather than normal numbers.


Around The World, darts can be fun to play with any amount of people. The more players you have in your group, the more fun.


It is possible to use all numbers on your board ranging from 1 to 20. Usually, the Bull’s eyes are not included. However, as we’ll discuss, the Bull’s eyes can help make the experience more exciting.

What is Rules to Play Around the World Best Dart Games

Around the World, darts is a very simple and straightforward game. It starts with the first number and moves around the board in numerical order to 20.

Go through the numbers from one to another, marking and erasing the columns as you move.

In simple Around the World, darts, triples, and doubles do not make up more points.

If any part of a segment numbered is reached, you simply go to the following sequence.

Game Variations

There are several methods to make the dart game Around the World a little more engaging:

Include the Bull’s eye

The game usually ends at the point you turn 20. However, experienced players will often add the Bull’s eye towards the end. Your competition isn’t completed until you have landed an oblique.

Or, you could also add the bull’s-eye to the beginning to ensure that every player has to hit the cork before they can begin their journey across the table.

Include Triples and Doubles

If you’re an expert, you can try using only triples or doubles for legal shots. For instance, you can make it so that you have to hit a double of every number before moving on to the following.

You can speed the game by giving players the option of skipping numbers when they hit a double triple. In this case, for example, for a double 3, if you hit the number 3 on the double and skip the 4, you would miss the 4 and move to 5. If you land the triple 3, then you’ll move to 6. It’s a great approach to practice and level your abilities playing darts.

4. Legs

legs dartboard game

4th on our listing of enjoyable and well-known best dart games for all skill levels, The Game of Legs is about scoring the maximum number of points in each turn.

It’s similar to 01 dart games, without the double in and out requirement.


Many players can take part. However, this game is more enjoyable when multiple players are playing.


The board is full of numbers, and they are on the table. However, in games with 301 and 501, the more frequently used numbers are 19 and 20 to score points quickly.

Play Legs Play Legs

Each player starts with 3 legs. Note each “leg” by putting an arrow next to the player’s initials. Make sure you shoot your darts and note the score. The next player must equal or exceed your score.

If the player fails to beat or surpass his score by a factor of 10, he forfeits the part of his.

Every player has to match or surpass their score right away before them.

In other words, if player ONE scores a 55, then player TWO has to shoot at a minimum of 55. If player 2 hits a 45, he cannot play one leg, and Player THREE has to be able to meet or surpass 45. And so on.

Be sure to mix up the order of players following every game.

5. Killer

killer best dartboard game

The Killer is also one of the best dart games. killer is a darts game that can be played with three or more players. The game is played by the hitting of doubles and an intelligent strategy.


The Killer is the best game to play with at least three players.


Only the chosen numbers are involved. Find out more about the game.

how to Play Killer

Every player selects a random number when you begin the game by shooting the board with the not-shooting hands.

This helps make the game more engaging and requires you to step outside of your comfort zone.

When you have an amount, attempt to double the given number.

A double hit on your number will make you “killer” “killer.”

If you are an expert in killing, you can attempt to “kill” your adversaries by hitting the doubles on their number.

Each player is granted three lives, and every Double earns you one life.

To create the dartboard, make sure that each player’s initials are in one column.

Record each player’s name below their initials. After that, mark three lives using lines that are to the right of each player’s initials.

If a player is killed and a line is erased, the player will be destroyed.

The player who has the most lives left (lines across the table) is the winner of the game.


For starters, do not hit your own Double after you become a killer.

If you did, you likely have “killed you” and will have to delete one line.

You can also join forces with other players by focusing on their doubles and then “killing their doubles” on the table.

If you’re an assassin, you could take three of your opponent’s doubles in a single turn and swiftly wipe them off the table.

6. Halve-It

Halve-It best dart game

Halve-It is also among the best dart games that are designed for more experienced players. However, that doesn’t mean beginner dart throwers shouldn’t give it an attempt.

Halve-It is more difficult because the numbers are complex (i.e., you have to hit a double-bull in the final round. check out the following variations to make it a bit more manageable ).

Additionally, The penalty for not hitting the target number will mean that the score will be reduced to half (hence the game’s name).


All participants can join Halve-It.

As we said, it’s an advanced dart. Therefore, only a few players can select this particular game over the other less complicated and more well-known dart games listed on this list.

Numbers in Play

Halve-It is played by looking at numbers 20,16, Double 7, 14, Triple 10, 17, Double Bull. The numbers have to be played in a specific order, and each player will get 3 turns.

What is Halve-It?

It is clear from observing the numbers that the game is different from other darts such as Cricket.

Beginning with the number 20, every player shoots their 3-dart turn with the target at that number. After each turn, your score is calculated and added to your running points balance.

If you don’t reach the number you want to reach, the points balance will be cut in half.

Let’s see what this could look like in a real-life sport in Halve-It.

Let’s suppose you’re playing with three people.

Begin by setting out the scoring sheet in the grid. The players’ initials will be placed in one row to the top. The numbers (20 16 D7 14 T10, DB) should be placed in a column on the left of the grid.

You’ll mark your scores in columns corresponding to your initials and the number you played after every round.

In Round One, Each player shoots three darts in twenty.

Let’s suppose you hit the double 20 and single 20. The total score for the round is 60. It’s not too good!

After the two other players shoot at 20, you begin the next round by shooting at the 16.

If you do not hit the 16 using all three darts, the scoring of 60 will be cut in half to 30. However, if you miss more than one 16, your score will increase to 76.

The game continues, and each player takes three turns at every number. The player with the most points to the total score after the game is declared the winner.

The dart game becomes difficult when you must hit the triple 10 or two bulls.

Other Playing Options Halve-It

Use Halve-It to Play by using the Cricket numbers.

Instead of using the complex target numbers used in the traditional halves (i.e., Triple 10, Double 7,) Try playing using those Cricket numbers, which makes the game easier.

The numbers that are played could be 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, and Bull (optional).

This is an excellent method to practice great Cricket matches and make it easier for intermediate and novice dart players to get involved.

Play-Halve-It Sequence

It’s simply taking the numbers 1 – 10, or another number of numbers playing halve-it, by shooting those numbers in succession.

The rules for halves-it are still in place, and the only difference is that it alters the game slightly and allows you to explore various figures on the game board.

7. Shanghai

Shanghai dart game

Shanghai is the ideal sport for an entire amount of players.

It’s named in honor of Shanghai’s dart word (when the player hits one, two, and triple with the same number in just one round). It will be clear why this is the game’s name within a few seconds.


Many players can participate in this game. However, Shanghai is most effective when there are many players.


The numbers in play are 1-7, which correspond to the inning numbers.

How do I Play Shanghai

Shanghai is inspired by the innings (a smaller version of Baseball).

The 7 innings are played in a sequence. Each player takes three turns from numbers 1-7. The aim is to get the most points possible during every inning.

The numbers correspond to the number of innings played.

For instance, if it’s in the second inning, you can only shoot at 2. Singles are worth 2 points; a double will be worth 4 points, and a triple is worth 6. Any dart outside of the inning number that is in play is not considered to be a point.

You will win the dart contest by scoring the highest number of points in seven innings or achieving the highest number of “Shanghai” during any innings.

Now you know why the game is referred to as Shanghai!

Be aware that this is hitting an individual, double, and triple in one turn. It’s rare, and even if you hit the “Shanghai” within the first game, it’s game over. You’re the winner.

Keep track of scores by writing each player’s initials on a row at the top of the sheet. Note the numbers for each inning in an adjacent column. Then, you can create a grid and keep track of each player’s score for every inning as you go.

Shanghai can allow for dramatic comebacks since the potential scores could increase dramatically in later innings.

Shanghai Game Variations

If you don’t have the number, you’re out.

When you begin the game, the players can agree on a couple of numbers that must be matched in one turn. If you fail to hit the number and you’re out, you’re out.

For instance, you may decide that a player should be ejected when they do not hit the 3 in the third innings, five during the 5th, and seven in the seventh. If you get three outs, you’re done.

8. Baseball Darts

Baseball Darts game


There are many players.

What is the best way to play Baseball:

Baseball is like Shanghai. However, it’s a loved darts sport on its own.

Instead of the seven innings and the points that correspond to them, You follow the standard 9-inning baseball format in Shanghai.

In Shanghai, the only darts that hit the number of an inning in play count.

However, unlike in Shanghai, In Baseball, each dart is counted as an individual, double or triple. Like real Baseball.

After nine innings team that has the most runs wins. If there’s a tie after nine innings, you may take extra innings until a player is victorious.

9. Gotcha!

Gotcha dart game


It is a simple and best dart games that can be played when played with a large group of players, and every player is playing on their own.

The Numbers Play

The dartboard’s numbers have been played.

What is the best way to play Gotcha Darts:

To play this best dart games, one must agree on a certain number of points needed to be the winner of the game.

This can take any value. However, for a quick game, pick an amount such as 200. Mark everyone’s initials in a column on the scoreboard. After every three dart turn, record the total points beside each player’s name.

To be a winner, you must be the first to score a precise amount of points. You may additionally “kill” those around you by hitting their current point total in one turn and then resetting their score back in the direction of “0”.

If you shoot more than the required amount to succeed, your score will reset to the previous value. In other words, if, at the beginning of your turn, you had the score of 165, but then you hit 210, you’d then fail and return to 165 for the next turn.

10. Golf Darts

Golf Darts game

Last but not least, playing golf darts can be an excellent dart game for all ages, and that is also an excellent method of practicing your 301/501 abilities. To succeed in golf, you must master the double rings, and we’ll explain below.


Anyone can play, but you must be aware of having enough space for the scoring board.

There are numbers in the play.

You can play the numbers 1-through-9 or one through 18 (corresponding with the number of holes played in the round of golf)

What is Golf? Darts

First, you must decide how many holes you’ll need to play and then decide to who you will throw the ball first. This can be accomplished with an easy closest to the bulls test, and then you can order players according to the outcomes.

Each player’s initials should be placed at the very top. Follow the numbers down to the right side (1 9 or 1-18).

The aim is to get the smallest amount possible per turn. Here’s how the scoring system works:

  • Doubles are the most negligible value, worth just 1 point.
  • The triples worth 2 points are worth 3 points.
  • Singles in the narrow portion of the wedge (between the triple ring and Bull) are worth 3 points.
  • Singles located in the fat part of the wedge (between the triple ring and Double the call) can be worth four points.
  • If you do not make the number altogether, you earn 5 points.

Start with the hole that is first (number one). Every player is allowed three throws each turn, and however, only the last one is counted. If you hit a double on the first dart, you may (and should) decide to close your game with the dart and record with a score of “1”. If you do not hit the mark, you must attempt to do it again.

Record each player’s score for each hole, and then add up the scores when you have completed either 9 (or 18) holes. The player who scores the lowest wins.

Dart The Rules of Every Game

The dart games mentioned earlier all have distinct goals, scoring techniques, numbers, and different rules to remember.

However, some dart rules apply to all darts games.

Rule 1 – 3 Darts Per Turn

Each player receives three darts each turn.

Rule #2: Remove Your Own Darts

Every player should remove their darts off the board after every turn. Only remove your darts after determining your scores (See Rules 6).

Rule #3 Fallen Darts Are Out of Play

It’s out of the game when a dart bounces off or is thrown off the board, and it cannot be thrown again. The same is true for darts which is stuck in a different dart.

NOTE: If you are playing with electronic dartboards, your dart could remain on the board, even if it bounces off. This is because bounce-outs are much more prevalent when using soft-tipped darts.

Rule #4 – When a Dart is Dropped, Darts can be thrown back

If you fall and throw a dart, and it’s not a “misthrow,” it is possible to still take it back and throw it back.

Rule #5 – Keep your feet on the Line of Throwing

Do not step over the line of throw.

A standard line for throwing measures 7 feet 9.5 inches from the board, and it should be clearly identified.

Your feet should extend over the line of your throw when throwing.

Rule #6 – Keep Track of Your Score Before Removing Darts

Do not take the darts off the table until you’ve registered your score for that turn.

Many players make the error of removing their darts immediately off the board and then making a mark on the scoreboard.

Rule #7: Do Not Play with Darts until after your Turn

You can take a break from the throwing line to examine your dart’s placement across the table; however, don’t be sure to touch the dart until you close your three dart turn.

Rule #8: Keep it civil

Players in the competition should shake hands before and after every game. Darts is a well-known game with a long history of sportsmanship.

The basic rules of sportsmanship must be adhered to even during casual bar games.

Rule #9: Determine who shoots first.

Be sure to determine who is first before you begin your match.

The most popular method of doing this is to have every participant or one team player throw a dart in the bullseye. The player who is closest to the cork wins. They can pick the game to play.

If the dart closest to the bulls is too close to a call, remove the darts and throw it again.

The decision to decide on this is vital since the first move is an essential advantage in all darts games.

Rule #10: Decide the Player Shooting in the order they are shooting.

Decide the order that players play for games that involve three-plus players. It can be determined randomly, alphabetically, or through splashing.

Splashing happens when a player throws two darts and then throws both simultaneously.

The darts can be thrown without any aim (to generate a random outcome); however, they must hit into the zone of scoring. If neither dart even hits, that zone player must throw them again.

Sometimes, players play with their throwing arm in the opposite direction. Add up the scores of the two darts each and then determine the order of play starting from the top to the bottom.

Rule #11: Do Not Distract from the Scorekeeper

If a non-player keeps the score, they must be quiet and not interrupt the other player while they are playing. The scorekeeper must verify every score before darts are removed from the board.

Rule #12 – Keep Clear of Throwing Player

There shouldn’t be anyone in the vicinity of 2 feet of the person throwing. Also, no one should be within the space between the pitching line and the dartboard.

Rule #13 – Throw only darts that are required to win

If you’ve been victorious but have some darts to throw, the game is finished, and it is not necessary to throw any darts left.

For instance, if you double out on your first dart during the 01 games or end your bulls with your first toss, don’t throw the remaining darts while you are ahead in points to win Cricket.

No matter which game you choose to play in the bar, the established rules for darts will be in effect.

Hope you have enjoyed and learn about Best Dart Games. if you have any Questions so you can comment down or contact us

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