Best Accmor Soft Tip Darts 12 Pcs Review

When it comes to darts, you want something light and easy to hold. You also want it to have a good balance to don’t have to strain your arm or hand to throw the dart with precision. And you don’t want to break anything in the process. Best Accmor Soft Tip Darts is what you need, so lets start i show you some useful tips about Best Accmor Soft Tip Darts.

If you need a robust set of darts that will work like a charm, these are what you’re looking for! They are built with high-quality materials that ensure that they are durable and long-lasting, so you can have them around for a while without worrying about the quality.

They are very light and can easily be carried in your pocket. You won’t find better quality darts in the market. The Accmo 12 Pcs Soft Tip Darts are superb that many top-level darts players use them.

Best Accmor Soft Tip Darts 12 Pcs overview

The best Accmor Soft Tip Darts

Accmor Soft Tip Darts

  • Four different colors of darts.
  • Ideal darts for all skill levels.
  • Best for electronic or plastic dartboard.
  • Professional and Accurate Darts
  • 12 pc soft tip darts, extra 100 pcs black 2ba tips

About This Item:

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H‎9.21 x 6.02 x 1.46 inches
Package Weight‎0.19 Kilograms
Brand Name‎Accmor

I’ve been using these for quite a while now, and they’re still going strong. They’re great for darting around the house, and they’re pretty durable too.

The darts are made from plastic, so they don’t break easily. They come with a handy carry case so you can take them anywhere.

There’s no assembly required, and they’re easy to set up. You have to push the darts into the barrel and then screw the barrel onto the shaft. The flight and the barrel are separated, so they’re easy to replace if they get damaged.

The tips are soft so they won’t damage your walls and furniture when you throw them, and they also won’t leave marks on your dartboard. I’ve never had any problems with them, and I’ve thrown them for over a decade now. Here is a list of best wall protection for dartboards.

I like that these Best Accmor Soft Tip Darts come with 100 pcs black 2ba tips, but other kinds of tips can replace them. The flights come with 3 of each color Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. The darts are all pretty much the same in terms of quality, but you can pick and choose which ones you want.

So if you’re looking for a great set of darts, I recommend this Best Accmor Soft Tip Darts Set. It’s easy to use, and it’s durable too.


  • Enjoy The Dart Game 
  • Great Plastic Darts For All Levels 
  • Professional and Accurate Darts 
  • 12 high-quality tournament darts for kids  
  • 12 pc soft tip darts
  • extra 100 pcs black 2ba tips. 
  • The flights come with 3 of each color: Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green.

Pro and Cons


  • Easy to set up.
  • Easy to use.
  • Lightweight.
  • Made from plastic.
  • Easy to replace.
  • They have a carry case.
  • Come with 100 pcs tips.
  • Very durable.


  • flights are a bit thick.

How many darts should you buy?

It is always better to have more than you need. A good rule of thumb is to buy twice the number of darts you plan on throwing. If you have a dartboard, that’s one more dart than you need. Also, it depends on you. Three people are playing, so you should buy 9 darts, 3 for each.

What is the best weight for soft tip darts?

Soft tip darts are usually recommended for throwing around one oz. or less and can be very effective for beginners. However, you should be aware that heavier darts have greater power and reach, so if you want to go pro, it’s good to start with a lighter dart that suits your strength and ability.

What size soft dart tips do I need?

Dart Tips are available in different sizes. The standard size used by most people is the 2-inch tips. But you can also choose the 3-inch tips and even the 4-inch tips. The bigger the tip, the more influential the dart will be. So, it is recommended that you get a set of darts with various tips to meet your needs.

What is the best soft tip electronic dartboard?

The best soft tip electronic dartboard, by our recommendation, is the WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board Soft Tip Dartboard. It features all-weather reliability, a long battery life, a durable design, and a high-quality LED light.

What is better, steel or soft tip darts?

Steel tip darts are generally more powerful than soft tip darts. Soft tip darts are usually cheaper, but they tend to lose velocity faster, requiring more practice and skill.

What’s the best place to store darts?

The best place to store darts is to buy a dart case.

Should you only buy new darts?

No, you can always use your old darts. However, if you have a problem with them, you should clean and re-oil them and ensure that they’re in good working condition before using them again.

What is a darts set?

A darts set is a group of darts with specific tips. The most popular ones are the wooden and plastic sets, but different types of metal tips are available. A darts set allows you to throw more accurately as you can have more control over your throws.


Best ACCMOR Soft Tip Darts are the most affordable darts, with the highest quality soft tips and great value for money. I found them to be the best dart in the price range. They come in 6 different colors and are all highly lightweight easy to grip and use, making them ideal for beginners. Overall, I would recommend the ACCMOR Soft Tip Darts to anyone looking to buy their first darts.

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