Affiliate Disclosure

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

In 2015 The Federal Trade Commission released its new regulations for ensuring Affiliate disclosure Compliance.

These guidelines were created to ensure that readers of media online are aware that the blogger or publisher is being supported, endorsed or endorsed by an organization that is not their own. It is important to inform readers if the creator of the content is earning profits by sharing links or selling products.

In conformity to FTC Guidelines, you should think about these aspects about the articles and hyperlinks on this site:

Each of the links that are featured on contain affiliate link, which means that I receive a small commission through the sale of certain products.

Purchases are made through websites of affiliates from outside. When users click on affiliate link on to purchase an the item, the buyer purchases it direct from seller (not direct from

Amazon or other companies , or other businesses or other companies pay a small portion of commissions or other payments in order to attract customers to their website.

The price is identical for all customers regardless of regardless of whether they purchase via an affiliate link or a non-affiliate one. Clicking an affiliate link or an unaffiliate link does not cause alter the cost or other aspect that affects the customer. offers two kinds of Affiliate Disclosure programs. is a part of the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program which is an affiliate advertising program that was created to allow webmasters to earn a commission via links to and other affiliate websites and other sites that are connected to the Amazon Service LLC Associates Program.

If you click on an affiliate link, and then buy the item, I’ll get a percentage of the purchase , or another type of payment.

Prices are similar for those who use affiliate links. There’s no additional cost to click on the link. These links do not “pay per click.”

What’s The Deal With Sponsored Content?

I do not post blog posts that are sponsored by companies. I strive to provide truthful and truthful information. If a company wishes to advertise in I will mention this at the beginning in the piece. One thing to be aware of is that I only recommend products I personally use as well as would suggest to my family and friends.

Your purchase helps me in my research efforts. I appreciate your donation! I appreciate you! Hope you’ve read every word of our Affiliate Disclosures.